Photos From The Collection of George and Anna (Boice) Stevens

Revillo Hull Stevens in his Union uniform

Revillo Hull Stevens served in the Civil War for the union side. He was a part of the Ohio infantry. He was father to George W. Stevens

Laura Abigail Zeluff

Wife of Revillo Hull Stevens as she was in her later years.

The Boice family.

This photo was probably taken at their place in Lambertville Michigan. For some reason the girls were not included in this photo.

Henry Orwill Boice

A portrait of Henry Orwill Boice. Father to Anna Eldora Boice-Stevens. Henry served in the civil war befor this picture was taken.

Henry and Mary Boice

This photo from their later years. They were the parents of Anna Eldora Boice.

A studio photo of Frank Boice with two ladies

These two ladies may have been relatives or class mates. Their names were not recorded. Frank was brother to Anna.

The newspaper obituary for Frank Boice

The reunion of the Meeks and the Boices

This is a photo of a reunion of the Meeks and the Boice's

A ribbon from the Meek-Boice reunion.

They must have passed these out at the reunion.

Elsie Maria Stevens

Sister to George W. Stevens She married a Rawlings.

A young George Stevens Family. Boice Edwin as a baby.

This photo taken from a tintype shows a very young George Stevens, Anna and Boice.

Henry Boice and son-in-law George Stevens

George W Stevens and Henry O Boice out back with shovels in thier

Anna E. and Boice E. Stevens

This photo was in front of one of their earlier houses.

Boice Edwin Stevens

Here at age six feeding the chickens.

Boice Edwin Stevens

Boice was crippled with withered hands and legs.

Boice Edwin Stevens

Boice sitting with the dog wanting to play.

George Stevens Family

Here is George, Anna and her cousin Mable Ray, a very young Revillo O. and Boice sitting.

George's family

This is the original photo of the family without the cropping.

The house on Alexis Road, Toledo, OH

This is the house where George and Anna lived most of their lives.

Alexis Road House

another view of the Alexis Road House

This looks like the view that was from Alexis Road.

Postcard sent to Boice Stevens

This postcard was sent to Boice from a cousin.

This postcard must have been sent just after the death of Boice.

George, Anna and Revillo

This photo must have been taken afte the death of Boice.

George plowing with a team of horses

Another picture of George handeling a plowing team.

George and Anna and friends

They liked to spend time with friends and would often take pictures then.

George and Anna with the Harris'

George and Anna Stevens along with the Fords

The Ford family and the Stevens family were close freinds for three generations.

George Wallace Stevens with a friend

This may be Mr Ford

George W. Stevens in a rockin chair.

This appears to have been taken in his backyard in his later years.

George W Stevens Obituary

This was from the Toledo newspaper.

Anna Boice-Stevens and a friends

This lady was freinds with Anna and they would go on outings together.

Anna Boice-Stevens

This was taken while at the beach at Lake Huron.

R.O. Stevens' class Picture

This appears to be the class picture of RO

R.O. Stevens at School

R.O. Stevens standing in front for this picture. This was taken in front of his school.

R.O. Stevens 8th grade graduation

The identity of the girl is not known but the lady was his teacher.

R.O.Stevens portraite

These pictures must have been taken around the time he graduated from 8th grade.

R.O. Stevens

Looks like he was trying different hair looks.

R.O. Stevens

As a teenager.

R.O. Stevens

Standing outside

The matriarchs of the Stevens Family

The little baby girl is Della Stevens-Erswell

all the rest are her grandmas

R.O. Stevens Campagne card

Revillo used to run for the office of Justice of the Peace. This was one of his campagne cards.

R.O. Stevens from newspaper

This clipping shows a young JP attending meetings with other Justices.

Revillo Jr. and Carolyn Stevens Wedding

Bill and Carolyn's

Revillo Jr. and Carolyn Stevens Wedding

Carolyn's parents, Ray and Glenna Wisher on left

Revillo's parents, Florence and Revillo O. Stevens on right


 More Photos of Unknown Persons from the collection of George and Anna Stevens