Car Club in front of Chavenage House

The owner's of Chavenage Hall rent the house and grounds for various events.

Front of Chavenage Hall

A car club held an event at Chavenage

Front Left wing of Chavenage

Front Center of Chavenage

Carved Face in the Chavenage Chapel

Chavenage like most Elizabethan homes has it's own chapel. The Chavenage Chapel is on the rear of the structure.

A sad carved face in the wall of Chavenage Chapel

Chapel Interior carvings

This appears to be ladies kneeling in prayer.

Kneeling Figures in Chavenage Chapel

The men are also kneeling in prayer and they face the other direction. This may reflect the practise of men and woman sitting apart from each other during worship.

Chavenage Chapel from outside

Carved figures in Chavenage Chapel

Tower of the Chavenage Chapel

Front of Chavenage Chapel Tower

This style of tower is known as a Norman church. It was introduced by the Normans after the invassion of 1060.

Side View of Chavenage Chapel tower

Detail of Chavenage Chapel Window

Chavenage Chapel Interior

Chavenage Front with Falcon crest

Chavenage driveway entrance from inside

Fireplace where the Stephens and Fowler coats of arm are still displayed.

The upper left coat of arms is the Stephens coat. There are other various coasts of arms on the wall indicating there ties with the other families they married in to.

Chavenage courtyard from inside

Front Entrance detail

Front door with gallery window

Front right wing

Chavenage from a front angle

Chavenage front bright illumination

Chavenage gate post

Interior bedroom doorway

Sitting room interior

Chavenage Minstrals gallery.

Eward Stephens' initials are still on this gallery in oak wood.

Rear detail

Rear Whole of Chavenage

Chavenage side view

Close side view

Chavenage Stairwell

Front driveway from the house

The grounds at Chavenage

Whole front view of Chavenage

Taken from the driveway.

Chavenage grounds from the house

Window detail

Rear Bay window

One of two tapestry rooms in Chavenage

Another tapestry view

Tapestries in the Chavenage bedrooms

Smaller Tapestry Room