Ancestors of Revillo Orwill Stevens Justice Peace

Nineteenth Generation

262144. Richard Stephenys Baron was born about 1330. He died in 1390. He married Castel. [Parents]


262145. Castel was born in Bristol, , , England. She died in , , , England.


274192. Robert Montacute was born about 1400. He married Mary of Devon. [Parents]

274193. Mary of Devon was born about 1400.


340864. John I was born in 1351. He died in 1416. He married Margaret of the Mark. [Parents]

340865. Margaret of the Mark was born about 1351.


390376. Sir Richard Mytton died on 25 Oct 1419. He married Margaret de Peshall.

390377. Margaret de Peshall died on 5 Aug 1420. [Parents]


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